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*Update on aluminum tractor listed below*
This was intended to be a show chassis, a lightweight version to carry to events and set up for exhibition. It was never finished. One side rail is hanging up for a pattern. The rear housing itself is in a super stock diesel, and is the only one that will be built this way. I have decided to change some things, mainly the hitch, and another aluminum housing will go in a local SS alcohol tractor for this season. This is not because of any problems, but an attempt  to make an even better, stronger, and lighter product.
One day I got a wild hair and decided to build an all aluminum tractor chassis. I am going to be taking pictures and posting here as it progresses. The rear housing represents the majority of the labor involved, and being a prototype, may or may not look exactly like what is offered for sale in the future.
As far as I know, this has never been done before, and am looking forward to seeing it run for the first time. The prototype is already sold, and will be running this summer in a LSS. (no, I can't say who, but it will be in Wisconsin)
Introducing: Worlds lightest Light Super...
Week 1
Bending individual pieces
Front plate machined and nuts welded on backside to add thickness for heli-coils
filler bung added
ready to be machined to length
Week 2
End plates welded and ready to be machined again
Week 3
Hitch plates aligned and tack welded
side gussets installed
hitch plates welded - over 40 linear feet of welding in all
finished housing ready to bolt in chassis
Total weight: 57 pounds
Yeah.  Lets build that...
The tractor that's in your head.   
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