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front axles/spindles/hubs
one piece billet steel axle
triple welded braces, billet aluminum steering arms
these hubs will accept 5 bolt Chevy or Ford rims
billet steel axles, spindles/yokes specifically designed for heavy duty manual steer applications
12,000 pound rating
Due to the high demand for heavy duty spindles, and a lack of supply of used parts, these spindles/yokes are
machined from solid steel to take the punishment of heavily weighted pulling tractors
Specs: complete solid steel axle with hubs and steer arms = 70 pounds
kingpin inclination  -5°
camber  +2°
lightened axle assy= 36 lbs
Solid round axle recommended for Pro-Stock = 150 lbs
chain tie downs built in
optional hydraulic steering
" You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."
                                                                                        Steve Jobs
Ace Chassis will claim no responsibility for any problems or damage that may incur from building your own chassis.
This includes but is not limited to:  home incineration, joining fingers together, loss of hair, minor or major cuts,
loss of sanity, solvent rushes, rashes, cuts in the floor, tape balls, or food and beer spills.
The information above is what has worked for the Author, but building your own chassis, or any other project for that matter, has implied risks.
Yeah.  Lets build that...
The tractor that's in your head.   
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