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Now available: weld on hitch kits for standard Rockwell housings
axles removed and housing cut off - 155 pounds at this point
still needs flanges and hitch, and LOTS of cleaning/grinding
ACE end plates can be welded to these for mounting Franklin planetaries
jig mounted to housing face and marked for cuts
milling faces on boring mill
aligning side plates, setting pinion angle and tack welding
side plates welded inside and out
housing goes back to the mill at this point to remachine due to heat warpage.
This ensures a surface that is perfectly flat and parallel to each other for the planetaries to bolt to
test fit before hitch plates
117# as shown
full hitch
half hitch kit
Q: What is the difference between this and the fabricated housing?
A:  (1) Weight - this style is heavier, although using a 7/16 housing, the weights are very close to equal. This type requires less oil.
      (2) Looks - if you compare from the back view, these housings are offset to one side, whereas the fab housing is centered. The carrier is offset in the front to center the pinion, but is symmetrical from the rear.
      (3) Ease of installation - this style is cheap and easy to find but harder to work with because of the odd shapes
Q: Which housing is stronger?
A: This housing has thicker material, but the fab housing has three times as much weld surface at the ends. The weakest point on either housing is the welds at the end plates. If you don't feel comfortable with a welder, take it to someone who is qualified. Your safety and the safety of others is not worth saving a few bucks.
Q: can you supply these housings already welded, machined, and ready to bolt in?
A: yes, or you can supply us a clean housing, and we will do the rest
Ace Chassis will claim no responsibility for any problems or damage that may incur from building your own chassis.
This includes but is not limited to:  home incineration, joining fingers together, loss of hair, minor or major cuts,
loss of sanity, solvent rushes, rashes, cuts in the floor, tape balls, or food and beer spills.
The information above is what has worked for the Author, but building your own chassis, or any other project for that matter, has implied risks.
"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get."
                                                    Dale Carnegie
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The tractor that's in your head.   
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