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Custom Sheet Metal
hammer stand and sheet metal forming station
custom made english wheel and planishing hammer
The art of shaping sheet metal has fascinated many people, including me. The last several years have led to developing designs, techniques, patterns, and functional sheet metal parts for pulling tractors. 
   The lack of suppliers in this specialty type of work and customer demand has forced us to ramp up operations to accomodate the desire to have a one-stop shop to get a new chassis and tin work under one roof.
   Our goal is to be able to take an idea for any type or shape of hood, reverse engineer the shape, modify the length/width/height, build and install to create a unique, custom made show piece.

Below are some examples of the process ...
Customer idea 

                                                             Finished product
aluminum Ford / New Holland T-8 330 hood install
Once the solid modeling is completed, we can section for the station buck as needed
Now the long and tedious process of beating the metal into a shape the matches the original begins
Back to the buck for a test fit. Many noisy hours are spent during this process
Flame welded and ready to finish the weld seams inside and out
We have a problem... It doesnt fit, and looks terrible
It needs to be taller in the front, so lets do some computer modeling...

First look on the tractor. Fits a lot better than stock
This is an Engler frame, so we are only doing the tin work
preparing for the hood tilt assembly
side shields shaped and ready for hinges
work on the dash begins
fenders shaped, welded and finished
Yeah.  Lets build that...
The tractor that's in your head.