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     Everybody needs to find a job that fits them.  When I was a kid I looked at a lot of different jobs and here is what I found out about machinists.
     "When machinists go hunting, they generally get bigger deer than most folks.  When they go fishing, they generally catch so many fish that their arms get tired from reeling them in."
     “Machinists tend to be better looking than the average.  This means they have better social lives than almost anybody else.  Some folks from a university did a study and found that machinists get lucky about 43 times as often as most folks."  At least that's what I heard.
     “Machinists almost always have better looking spouses, smarter kids, greener lawns, redder roses, and generally seem to have fewer weeds in the garden.  Their cars seem to run a little faster and use a little less gas.  Things generally seem to work better for a machinist than they do for the rest of the world."
     “Machinists do things that no one else can do.  They live and excel in a world where things too small to see make a big difference.  They possess special skills and unique knowledge."
     “Machinists do real work in a world full of made-up stuff. Machinists make real things like cars and tools and a better America."
     “Machinists tend to be more honest, have better friends, and be slightly better adjusted than the world in general.  It comes from making a career in a professional world of exact specifications and real deadlines.  It seems to show in their character."
     Machinists just generally seem to be clearly superior human beings, which is why I am a machinist.  That, and all the good jobs were taken.
Where I am when you get the answering machine...
tornado that came thru Gallatin, Tn
Doubles on Barren River - What a blessin' !!
"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."
                              Henry David Thoreau
Yeah.  Lets build that...
The tractor that's in your head.   
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